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Graviteer: Cosmic Expedition


★ Travel through galaxies into deep space and manipulate gravity in this one tap game ★✩ 32 different spaceships to unlock✩ 6 different stages in Expedition mode, each galaxy with its own theme✩ Chilling background music by Stellardrone
★ This is a simple, yet challenging game★ Unique experience packed in a galactic journey★ Use the gravitational force of the planets and try to reach the edge of the universe★ Put your skills, concentration and patience to the test ★ Play cosmic endless mode or explore galaxies ★ Find out how to avoid asteroids and how to escape the gravity of black holes
0 - 10 ......... You are new at this, aren't you?11 - 25 ....... Ok, you are getting better.26 - 50 ....... Not bad.51 - 150 ..... Wow, are you some nephew of N. Armstrong or something?151 - 250 ... You're gonna be the first man on Mars!251 - 350 ... A true Graviteer!351 - 500 ... Interstellar voyager on a quest501 - ??? .... Impossible!
So ... do you have what it takes to be the best Graviteer there is?
If you are experiencing any issues or bugs, please DO contact us at